Eclipse is a Revolutionary Employee Benefits Platform.

We deliver a Comprehensive Plan at competitive or lower rates than you’re paying today!

A Modern Approach

We replaced tedious paper claim submissions with pay direct Visa cards and a convenient mobile app so your employees can avoid paying out of pocket for their treatments. It’s a smarter, faster way to make your employees feel taken care of.

Intuitive Tracking

Our cloud-based platform tracks daily activities and provides customized reporting. With all employee related data centralized in our system, we help you manage your business more

Support Staff

We provide you with a fully accredited HR manager
who will ensure your hiring, performance reviews, disciplinary actions and terminations are in compliance with Canada’s labor laws. It’s like having an extra employee on staff – without the extra salary!

A Holistic Approach

We believe in a whole health approach to wellness and offer coverage for non-traditional services like holistic medical practitioners, physical fitness clubs, diet centers and yoga classes through our Wellness Accounts. We also support employees and mitigate their stress via our Employee Assistance Program.

Don’t Settle!

Your employees deserve more than a bare bones health and dental plan. At Eclipse, we match your existing plan and add the products and services that today’s employees want and need.


Service/ProductsIncluded with most Traditonal Group PlansIncluded with ALL Eclipse Group Plans
Prescription Drugs✔bullet
Best Doctors✔bullet
EAP bullet
Discount Drug Program bullet
Free Prescription Delivery bullet
Pay Direct Visa Cards bullet
SmartPhone Claim Submissions bullet
Perkopolis – Online Discounts bullet
HR Manager bullet
Integrated Software System bullet
Pooled Renewals bullet

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